Accurate early ultrasounds dating pregnancy

With the superior 3D vision and ability to magnify up to 14 times many endometriotic implants can be seen which were not visible with the regular laparoscopy.

The precision with the small instruments allows complete excision which is now the "gold standard treatment".

Fibroids: These are muscle growths in the uterus which are usually benign.

We offer medical treatment (temporary but frequently effective in patients desiring pregnancy), hysteroscopic resection (if affecting the uterine lining), and myomectomy (removing the fibroids but leaving the uterus).

Adolescent exams: We feel that it is important that young ladies start their exams at 18 years of age, or earlier if they are dating.

This is a good time to evaluate and treat menstrual problems such as irregular periods, painful periods, and sexual issues. for all ladies from 9-26 years of age.

Joanne Evans-Lewis is especially interested in adolescent care. The majority are benign problems, but we are very sensitive to your concerns.

We are very interested in subtle thyroid imbalances and use different values than most labs. However, if a woman has had previous Cesarean birth(s) and has an unsightly scar or excessive skin at the site of the incision, a "tummy tuck" can be performed at the same time. Eads can perform a "mini-tummy tuck" through wide scar revision at the time of the hysterectomy.It is present in as many as 40% of cases of infertile women.If treated early before extensive scarring, the outcome is much better!This procedure removes minimal tissue, therefore decreasing concern for future pregnancies if desired. Eads has performed these in the office for 14 years, preventing the need for general anesthesia, IVs, and time off of work or school.These also require much less out-of-pocket costs for you since this is an office procedure and not a surgical procedure.

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