Dating high maintenance

If you wonder if you are one of those high maintenance girls, here’s the first question you should ask yourself is: “When was the last time you went out of your house with no makeup on? After all, he’s not trying to change you, isn’t he?” Peek at possible answers and will help you solve the mystery. If you can refrain from the almighty powers of fine chocolate for the sake of slimmer bikini body but you can’t resist not spending your monthly allowance on a cute pair of earrings or that cute bracelet from Hermes, we can’t hide it from you anymore: chances are that you are a high maintenance girl, whether you like the name or not. If you recognize yourself in one of the options mentioned above, but your mind can’t figure out the logic behind how and if that makes you a high maintenance woman, we will now reveal you one secret.

Well, we are not siding with anyone, we just tried to show you an image from different perspective, and some of those perspectives might sound a bit harsh. And if they managed once to stand by her side, but then got dumped, of course they’re going to be bitter.We used transferred the meaning to our main phrase and… After exchanging some experience, and doing a couple of informal interviews over a cup of coffee (we simply couldn’t resist) we came to a certain conclusion. First, guys who used to date high maintenance girls can rarely give an objective comment on them. A high maintenance woman has her standards set high in the air, so high that sometimes it’s not even realistic. You see, a high maintenance girl is very well of her (physical) flaws, and she is even more aware of the fact that she doesn’t want to show them. Putting makeup in the morning for her is not even a habit for her, it’s a reflex.On the bright side, always knows what she wants, and she won’t give up until she gets it. However it may seem to the non-high maintenance girls, one thing is for sure: we can be pretty jealous on her makeup skills.High maintenance girl is of an opinion that there is never enough jewelry in her box, and that’s why she always wants more. What differs between a high maintenance woman and a woman with high standards is attention. If she finishes the task herself, be it a boyfriend, mom, or a bestie, but she’ll hear about that.She also likes when other people buy her jewelry, but she is also never bored buying jewelry for others (as long as she gets to chip in for that cute bracelet for her). A woman who knows what she wants, will work hard until she gets it, and might not even say a word about it. And if she doesn’t want to do it herself, she’ll consider it necessary to find someone to assist her, or even do everything instead of her (remember your cousin who made you do her laundry in junior high because she found it to be ‘yucky’?

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