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But really, if your credit is that high you’d be better off consolidating on your own with a debt consolidation loan or credit card balance transfer. Any time you miss a payment, you hurt your credit score.So if you consolidate your debt by transferring credit card balances or by taking out a personal unsecured consolidation loan, you shouldn’t have any credit damage unless you miss a payment.The yearly cost for a college degree can total ,000 or more, a price tag that requires most students to turn to student loans.Unfortunately, many students worry that their credit score could stand between them and the loans they need to get to graduation.If PLUS loans are denied, parents may receive unsubsidized Stafford loans — which are not based on credit history, but do require that interest is paid while students are in school. If you find a co-signer with a good credit score, private loans are another option.A co-signer can be a parent, guardian or friend who agrees take over the loan if you are unable to make payments.Basically, this happens because there can be a gap between when a payment was supposed to be made on your previous payment schedule and the payments you’re making now.This only happens in the first month of the program.

So many times, your score goes up as your debt goes down.Here are options for students concerned about credit: If you do have a good credit score, first of all, congratulations! Start by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to find what type of federally funded financial aid you are eligible to receive.Federal loans have low interest rates and do not need to be repaid until six months after graduation.Using the co-signer’s positive credit history will enable you to receive better loan terms, like lower interest rates and longer payment plans.There are a few private student loans that are not contingent upon credit scores, but use criteria like grades, major and college reputation to determine eligibility. These loans can be found online and are offered by anonymous investors seeking to help students in need.

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