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A New Mexico native, Adam Cowan was raised by wonderful parents who taught him the Word of God.

From 2010 to 2015 Kathryn and Adam served side-by- side in young adult ministry, worship, missions, and outreach, as well as teaching at Calvary Christian Academy.Read more about Calvary Chapel Greer's history in the Although brought up in a Christian home, it wasn't until age 40 that Mark De Penning surrendered his life to live as a disciple of Jesus.Pastor Mark recalls, “I did not know how Christ could possibly deliver me from all of the bondage of sin I had accumulated in my life, but my path had totally turned around, and one day at a time, the Holy Spirit began to transform me to a life of freedom and liberty in Christ.It was during this time that Randy and Keli began listening regularly to Calvary Chapel pastors on the radio and fell in love with their verse-by-verse style of Bible teaching.Pastor Gary Cowan, of what is now Calvary Chapel East in Albuquerque, took them under his wing, helped them grow in the Lord, and prepared them for the call to ministry.

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