Make money online as a dating website affiliate

But how do you enter the dating market as an affiliate?Is it really as simple as putting up some dating banners on your website and waiting for the results?Sadly not, but it’s certainly not difficult to get involved within this niche.If your aim is to create a strong online community around dating, a steady flow of targeted traffic and a solid brand that can carry forward your affiliate income, then one of the first steps is to decide which area of dating you would like to focus on.This is important because when it comes to dating sites, there are lots of different varieties. Are you targeting individuals looking for a life-long partner, or people looking for something more casual?

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People typically skim a website for less than a minute.

If yours is a newly launched website, Google, Yahoo!

and MSN will soon index it and start sending you traffic.

Otherwise, the payment will be sent in the following month.

Dating is a huge market, with lots of scope and opportunity to earn a steady income.

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