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It’s October, and Lucy’s received another message from a guy on Guardian Soulmates.

April 2019, we will gather our community, single remote workers in Dahab for an incredible adventure and personal transformations. Life is unpredictable in many ways and maybe you also bump into your soulmate at our retreat.

Imagine sleeping under millions of stars, having bonfires in the desert and going camel riding with a likeminded group of people! Upcoming projects are: Blind dates, daily icebreaker games, Facebook lives, workshops, dating expert -interviews, hot seats, online speed dating challenges and SO MUCH MORE! We recommend downloading our free getting started guide that helps you to instantly connect with others.

Set your location and find out who is in your area.

As a nomad do you find it hard meeting singles likeminded people who share your lifestyle and values?

Who is the woman behind the giraffe avatar and all the swearing? A few weeks ago Lucy was approached by a lovely lady called Zainab from Tinderella Worldwide.

Meet attractive location independent people, freelancer & expats.

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He says he’s 6’2, works in digital marketing (whatever the fuck that is) and is into running and tennis. She wonders if it’s because in some ways Pardeep reminds her of her friend Amir, with whom she had a romantic brush that turned sour.

Say goodbye to odd dating apps that won’t work for Nomads.

Say hello to over 11.000 likeminded singles around the world. We were super tempted to create incredible and hilarious icebreaker games. At the end of this month, we are going to launch or first Online Speed Dating game which we will repeat every 2 weeks or so.

On top of his more obvious qualities, Pardeep has taken the time to actually look at her profile, and write a chatty and engaging message. Lucy is always keen to go for drinks with an attractive man who is interested in her.

After all, this is exactly the entire point of online dating.

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