Things to ask a guy when dating

If you are thinking this is one of the questions not to ask, then you are so wrong.Everyone today thinks this is a bad question to ask, because you seem more eager, but that’s not true.In addition to finding out about your boyfriend's family life, you should ask about his plans for a future family.It can be scary for a man to talk about how many children he would like to have and his visions of a future family.Some men have trouble committing to a long-term relationship.However, you can't just ask your date if he is going to be willing to commit to you, especially early in a relationship. Phil Mc Graw, if his answers to his social life typically contain "we" rather than "I" statements, he is more likely to be willing to commit.

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Bringing back memories can tell you a lot about your partner, what kind of things he finds fun or funny, and maybe even what he likes doing.

If your relationship is more serious, ask him how he sees your children being raised to see if he shares your goals.

If you dream of other things for your life, such as a specific job or living in a specific place, ask him how he feels about these dreams.

How he speaks about his family also indicates how he will treat you in the future.

One of the most important indicators of whether a relationship will work is how compatible you are with each other.

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